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last update 23/09/2020

Scandinavian Academy for Training and Development AB – REG NO. 559173-7431
Timmermansgatan100-Norrkoping- 60359 – Sweden

We thank our valued customers for their knowledge of the Scandinavian Academy of Training and Development’s privacy policy page. We assure our valued customers that we respect their privacy and strive to protect their personal data they provide us with, to obtain our services.
To learn more please read the privacy policy on this page which includes the following items:

The Special procedures of Customer Data:

  1. We may modify this policy at any time without prior notice and the changes may apply to any personal information that we already hold about you, in addition to any new personal information collected after modifying the policy, if we make changes, we will notify you by reviewing the date at the top of this Policy. We will provide you with prior notice if we make any substantial changes to how we collect, use or disclose your personal information that affect your rights under this policy. If you reside outside the European Economic Area, the United Kingdom, or Switzerland (collectively referred to as “European countries”), your continued access to or use of our services after receiving notice of changes constitutes your acknowledgment of your acceptance of any updates we modify. Additionally, we may provide you with real-time disclosures or additional information about personal information processing practices for certain parts of our services. These notices may supplement this policy or provide you with additional options about how we process your personal information.
  2. The use of the site and the submission of data through it are not allowed to those under the age of 18 years, unless the presence of one of the parents and their consent will be required to process these data in the case of submission it for any reason
  3. The Scandinavian Academy for Training and Development website does not collect any data about you unless you specifically choose to provide this data to us by requesting one of our services offered on the website.
  4. The Scandinavian Academy of Training and Development website collects the personal data of the client which is voluntarily submitted by him to provide its services on the website and this is under the terms of the European Union for the Protection of User Data Online (GDPR)
  5. The submission of your data voluntarily upon request of any of the services described on the Scandinavian Academy of Training and Development website means your express consent to use this data by the Scandinavian Academy for Training and Development website in meeting your request in any form deemed appropriate by the academy to satisfy this request.
  6. The Scandinavian Academy for Training and Development ensures that the personal data provided by the client to the Scandinavian for training and development website is kept in strict secrecy, The Scandinavian Academy for Training and Development follows the best way to ensure and protect the client data. The Scandinavian Academy for Training and Development is committed to the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  7. The Scandinavian Academy for Training and Development has a strict information security policy and only authorized personnel have access to customer data. All employees have undertaken to maintain the secrecy of this information.
  8. The use of the client data is only to respond to customer inquiries and requests and can only be used for the reason provided and deleted safely when not needed or upon completion of service to the client.
  9. The client is entitled upon completion of the service to him and when the Scandinavian Academy for Training and Development receives all its financial rights as a result of this service to request the removal of his personal statement from the website and the client does not have the right to request this data to be removed beforehand. By submitting this data, you agree to this Privacy Policy.
  10. The Scandinavian Academy for Training and Development will work, always to maintain the privacy and secrecy of all personal information collected. Such information may be disclosed and detected only where necessary and required by law or where there is good intention and when we believe that such action is necessary or desirable in compliance with the law or in defense of or protection of the rights of the Scandinavian Academy for training and development on this website or its users.
  11. When we request your information, we will ask you to submit it to us voluntarily. Such information will help us to contact you and communicate with you and then process your requests where it required.
  12. If you post information in public areas of the site, for example customer review, this information may be collected and used by the Scandinavian Academy for Training and Development, site users and the public. We strongly recommend that you do not post any information on the site that would allow strangers to identify you, determine your location, or that you do not wish to share with the public.
  13. You can provide personal information through the live chat that available on the site 24 hours a day. We strongly recommend that you do not post any information through live chat that you are not comfortable sharing with a chat agent.
  14. The website has some links to another websites, and the purpose of these links is to make the information available to the public as much as possible. The Scandinavian Academy for Training and Development is not responsible for the privacy policy and terms of use described in these websites and its surfing is solely the responsibility of the customer.
  15.  In order to the client receives the services provided by the academy, he must provide the site with all the required data and be completely correct in order to be able to access these services in it, and these data are as follows: Full name, The employer, The State and City, work phone number, E-mail, Payment Method, Responsible Manager information, Name of the Responsible Manager, Work Phone Number, Mobile Phone Number, Detailed Work Title, E-mail.
  16. If you are outside the European Economic Area and want to obtain our services, you agree to our privacy policy and the terms and conditions for using our website.
  17. Your use of the Scandinavian Academy for Training and Development website and any dispute arising from this use of this website is exclusively subject to the laws of the European Union in general and the laws of the Kingdom of Sweden in particular.

EU Terms of Personal Data:

The EU countries have begun implementing a new Consumer Data Protection law (GDPR). This law will significantly protect the personal data of our clients. This law allows clients to delete and reuse their data in certain circumstances. And in case of breach of personal data which are likely to have harmful effects on the client, the Academy adhere in accordance to this new law to report any breach of client data within 72 hours of such breach, And allow clients to request access to their data and request to delete and modify it as long as we have it.

Cookies :

The Scandinavian Academy for Training and Development website uses cookies to identify the problems that clients may face and improve the services provided by the academy website. If the client agrees to use the website for his own cookies, it will help to know what the client needs and provide the best services to him.

  1. Cookies are small text files that are downloaded when you use the website, whether from your computer or mobile phone. This is done when you visit the Scandinavian Academy for Training and Development website. This is done with the aim of storing the data so that it can be updated and retrieved by the academy when downloaded.
  2. The information collected through such files is the date of the client’s visit to the website, the time the visit took place, the time it took the client to visit the website, as well as the websites visited before and after the client started browsing the Scandinavian for training and development website.
  3. Website cookies are the files which are sent by the Scandinavian for training and development website, these files are managed by the website only, and the collection of those data is intended to improve the performance of the website and to identify the clients who have returned to visit the website again. So that services are provided to them to suit them more.
  4. When you visit the website, it means that you agree to use the cookies described above. Please note that downloading cookies is not a necessary condition for the use of the website, and the client can block or prevent the download of those files by adjusting his browser setting.
  5. We do not use cookies for any marketing purposes and you can disable them at any time
  6. We do not control the cookies that third parties collect or use for interest-based advertising services, however these third parties may provide you with ways to choose not to collect or use your information in this way. In addition, most web browsers provide help pages related to setting cookie preferences, which you can always see in the settings of the browser that you use.
  7. For more information about terms and conditions, please visit the terms and conditions page
  8. For more information about registration and payment conditions, please visit the registration and payment policy page
  9. You can always contact us via one of the contact forms shown on the website or contact us via e-mail: [email protected]
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