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Scandinavian Academy for Training and Development

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The Online Training Platform of the Scandinavian Academy of Training and Development is a scientific and educational training crucible aimed at qualifying those who wish to develop the work of their organizations, whether official, civil or private. Our team of international experts, trainers and consultants with long-term vendors in training and rehabilitation internationally and Arably.

The Academy has its head office in the Kingdom of Sweden developed country according to international statistics in various fields and we in our work adopt the latest European-Scandinavian standards in the work which distinguishes the results among customers.Because we adopt scientific and professional standards in the programs provided in line with the training needs of customers and their institutions.

The Scandinavian Academy is working on the development of the educational process to provide professional and educational training programs through the Internet, with the best online teaching methods, live and recorded lectures and international certificates for all trainees, and graduating the best training payments and competencies with high experience and quality.

Our Vision:

A leading electronic platform for remote training to keep pace with the future


Our Message:

Providing electronic training services (remotely) with a creative vision that contributes to the leadership of the future

Our Goals

  1. Providing relevant and highly effective professional development programs that promote the sustainable development process.
  2. Creating a distinguished training environment, easier communication and greater experiences.
  3. Supporting the educational development of the regular education and training systems.
  4. Spreading the digital transformation culture through online training.
  5. Reach more people globally and make a difference in their lives.
  6. Qualifying and developing the skills of individuals and institutions. professionally and educationally.
  7. Preparing and qualifying trainees to meet the needs of the labor market at its highest levels.
  8. Building partnerships with major international and specialized organizations and obtaining the best accreditation in this field.
  9. Determine the training needs of public and private sectors institutions and the oil sector.
  10. Preparing and developing programs, training packages and auxiliary media for them.
  11. Effective training and qualification that contributes to the development of performance.
  12. Providing training programs that achieve organizational excellence while maximizing the outcomes of human assets in business organizations.
  13. Constant work on evaluating, developing and updating the scientific and practical training systems and procedures followed by the Scandinavian Academy for Training and Development.
  14. Make each participant benefit from the best experiences available. Where the participants finish each program and are equipped with the means to allow them the possibility of practical application of their experiences and enhanced methods.
  15. Personal training for managers by creating the appropriate time and environment to deal with their training requirements.
  16. Commitment to providing our clients with high quality products and an unmatched level of customer service.
  17. Transferring scientific concepts and skills to the client’s organization to enable him to follow the successive future developments and changes with the aim of real addition and change in the client’s organization.
  18. Transferring the latest foreign experiences through the Scandinavian Academy’s wide network of relations with foreign organizations, especially European organizations, in various administrative and technical fields.
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