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Specialized Professional Doctorate:
shorter time, lower cost, innovative content, project outputs and application,
We adopt in our curriculum in professional doctoral specialized vocational education and training

How to obtain a professional doctorate issued by the Scandinavian Academy of Training and Development in the Kingdom of Sweden

A copy of an ID or passport.
Brief biographyy.
personal photo.
The number of hours of study for a professional doctorate is 1000 hours and is divided into 20 professional diplomas for each diploma for 50 hours
Submit the graduation project and approve it by the supervisor of the professional doctorate
Registration fees.
Teaching and educational lectures.
Scientific materials.
Fees for attending ph.D. events and seminars.
Graduation fees and annual honors.

Approval of the International Accreditation Department of the Swedish Foreign Ministry.
Certification of the International Accreditation Section of the Embassy of the Trainee Country in Sweden. The authorized authority to authenticate by certificate type.
Approval of the Approved Legal Documentation Office.
Approvals for an additional fees..
Scandinavian Academy of Training and Development is a specialized training company registered in the Kingdom of Sweden under no. 7431-559173 and the certificate issued by the Scandinavian Academy of Training and Development is not an academic certificate but a professional certificate and all certifications of the certificate are commercial certifications

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